News and Events: Good deeds activities will be on 7th/04/2019 at Bukasa Community and Community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention is daily by our volunteers.

Our History


The founder Mr. Kisubi Dennis narrates the history of Give Hope Uganda (GHU). He says:

"Give Hope Uganda (GHU) was started in 2016 by young and visionary youth that saw sufferings of their neighbours intensifying. At first, I was alone and I shared the vision with my friend Edward then we decided to start working in the community. He encouraged me saying, serving community is a passion we can proceed. Then the next day we moved around the community and we got some youth who were gambling (playing cards) and I asked them what are benefits of this game? They said it gives them relaxation from stress of no jobs and hard life. I said don't you people think it is us who can restore this situation!! Especially when we come out as a group of organized youth we can deliver our fellow youths and entire community. Immediately one youth asked; what can we do?

His question was like mine then I said before we proceed can we answer the following questions:

  1. What can we do as energetic youth to deliver our community from poverty, diseases, lack of education, girl child school dropout, hunger, lack of employment, etc.?
  2. Who should we involve in this campaign to eradicate rampant problems existing in the community?
  3. What do we have at a moment to start with in terms of resources?

The above questions made one youth to say, let us do community needs survey. Indeed, we planned the next day to go around the community. Within few meters we reached at a home of certain woman called Phionah. This woman had four children whom she got them when she dropped out from school. The man ran and left her on seeing the numbers of children were increasing. This family hardly eat meals everyday. They could eat once in every two days. Children are not going to school and they cannot afford a better shelter, medical expenses, and clothing.

That day was a tedious day I have never experienced. I shaded tears to see an old woman stayed for two days without meals, I saw a man collecting rubbish from people's home for return of money. Yet holding the rubbish with his bare hands with greater risks of attacking germs!

Please the story is long, I can’t complete it here online. May God bless you as you join us to eradicate the above problems”



phiona kids needs support

This is the home of Phionah. We visited her and her four children again during our Good Day Celebration.





Working as a partner is very important element of team. Together we can grow and community can achieve more benefits for their sustainability.

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Poverty being a major result has rendered most children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.