News and Events: Good deeds activities will be on 7th/04/2019 at Bukasa Community and Community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention is daily by our volunteers.

Team Members

Team members at Give Hope Uganda are enthusiasm about serving the community in various areas. We work as a team dedicated to our respective skills to bring hope to people of Uganda. Could you wish to volunteer, please you are at the right place of mutual love, care, advice, and hard work individuals.


Dennis Kisubi

Executive Director

Mutebi Edward

Program Director

Watira Alex

Communications Officer

Team Maria Rose Kasango Finance Officer

Maria Rose Kasango

Finance Officer

Team Mabuya Edward Steven M and E Officer

Mabuya Edward Steven-M and E Officer

Team Kagoya Hawa Sec Child ProtectionKagoya Hawa-Sec Child Protection


Team Nassanga Fantuma Legal Officer Child Protect Environment

Team-Nassanga Fantuma-Legal Officer Child Protect - Environment

Team Ambrose Akanyihayo Health Promotion Officer

Ambrose Akanyihayo-Health Promotion Officer

Team Balemeezi Dickson Youth Office

Balemeezi Dickson Youth Office

 Team Muzany Nicolas BOD Representative ok

Muzany Nicolas-BOD Representative 




Team Isaac Kaheru Volunteer

Isaac KaheruVolunteer 

Team Lubogo Pius Volunteer

Team-Lubogo Pius Volunteer 

Team Ozelle Stephen Early Reading Director

Ozelle Stephen-Education Dir. ESF



Working as a partner is very important element of team. Together we can grow and community can achieve more benefits for their sustainability.

Enabling Support Foundation (ESF) is our Partner in Early Reading. To be Partner Click.


Volunteer in GHU

Give Hope Uganda (GHU) gives you the chance to meet people from around the globe to engage in all of our projects.

Sponsor a Child

Poverty being a major result has rendered most children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.