News and Events: Good deeds activities will be on 7th/04/2019 at Bukasa Community and Community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention is daily by our volunteers.


  1. To promote the Protection of the Rights of Children.
  2. To promote Quality Education for children.
  3. To reduce youth involvement in un-productive activities like betting games, playing cards, Ludo, Pool etc. all day long and instead take on productive activities from which they can earn an income
  4. To promote and stimulate Sustainable Livelihoods of the Youth through Building the Economic Potential of the Youth by equipping them with knowledge and skills of starting up and managing small scale income generating business and supporting them with seed money to start and get involved in sustainable income generating activities so as to improve their living conditions.
  5. To Support Youth and Women Living with HIV/aids to Avoid Stigma and Discrimination and empowering them to engage in development activities that promote their livelihoods.
  6. To Support Needy People to Organise themselves in Groups where they can offer each other psychological support and grief counseling.



Working as a partner is very important element of team. Together we can grow and community can achieve more benefits for their sustainability.

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Poverty being a major result has rendered most children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.