News and Events: Good deeds activities will be on 7th/04/2019 at Bukasa Community and Community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention is daily by our volunteers.



Partnership is important in promoting and developing each other. At GHU we partner with organization both philanthropic and non phillanthropic organizations. Together we grow. Below are our partners in different areas:

1. Enabling Support Foundation (ESF):

ESF Offers Early Reading skills, and free website hosting. Watch below video  when Mr. Ozelle Stephen a Director of Education in ESF visited our office. ( He is explaining how Early Reading approach of whole words reading has solved the old approaches of developing the WORD first).


ESF offers early reading to children. Read More


2. Good Deeds Day Partner

We celebrated Good Day Deeds this year 2018 at our community by cleaning the town and donated food. Bukasa community benefited a lot. Kindly watch videos below:

Our duties in community

Our contribution for the development of our community and a healthy citizens


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Working as a partner is very important element of team. Together we can grow and community can achieve more benefits for their sustainability.

Enabling Support Foundation (ESF) is our Partner in Early Reading. To be Partner Click.


Volunteer in GHU

Give Hope Uganda (GHU) gives you the chance to meet people from around the globe to engage in all of our projects.

Sponsor a Child

Poverty being a major result has rendered most children fail to go to school while female children have been forced into marriages at an early stage.