News and Events: Good deeds activities will be on 7th/04/2019 at Bukasa Community and Community awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention is daily by our volunteers.

Sell Lemonade, Sell Cup Cakes, Collect Donations, Donate Clothes - Do More For The Poor...

Due to the nature of our projects we kindly request that individuals contribute to our work by giving out any coins of any amount. We believe that every coin counts and is very important to support our communities.

Donations are monitored and recorded when the payment is received. The donor will receive a receipt for any payment made to us.
Our Administrators record illustrate that any donations received from a contact, whether the payment was made by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal, or any other tender method that we ensure proper accountability and we display a list of individual donations, a list of donors, or all the individual donations for a particular donor.

We shall always display accountability for any of our donations received and shall be public on our website and social media sites.
For proper functioning of the organization, Give Hope Uganda (GHU) shall retain 30% of the total donations to cater for day today administration of the donations. Therefore, 70% has to go to the community strictly. Our aim is to see lives changing and God will bless us all.

You can support us. If you would like to donate  we have attached some project budget here.  EMAIL US  OR  Apply to Volunteer